Winter is coming and with it comes a unique set of challenges for any Jeep owner.

What You Need To Do To Prepare Your Jeep For Winter Weather, and Yourself For Winter Driving.

Whether you’re a seasoned Jeeper or just getting started, it’s important to be prepared for any weather conditions that could arise while you’re out on the road. That is especially true when it comes to winter weather driving. In this worksop, we will break down some helpful tips for staying safe and sound on the roads this winter.

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Here’s everything you’re about to learn…

Know that your Jeep is prepared for the Winter…

It can be hard to find the information that you need when you don’t know what you don’t know or where to start.

Tips for winter weather conditions on the road. Including when to use 4 Wheel High and 4 Wheel Low, plus driving tips if you hit bad road conditions.

Preventative maintenance and what to do now to ensure your Jeep can handle the winter weather conditions mechanically. 

you will have the knowledge and confidence to feel safe while enjoying your Jeep!

Here’s everything that you get


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The Winter & Your Jeep Workshop

Thursday, Jan. 26th @ 8pmESt

In this workshop we will cover winter weather maintenance for your Jeep, driving tips in winter condition and getting started knowledge for adventures with your Jeep.

You will be able to get all of your questions answered live in the comfort of your own home.

Lifetime Recording replay of the LIVE Workshop


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You know that life can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. The world is constantly telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, how you should and shouldn’t look, who you should or shouldn’t be with.

It can all get pretty overwhelming at times. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You don’t need anyone else’s permission to live your life the way you want – not even your families!

Your Jeep is your vehicle to freedom, adventure, self-discovery, and confidence! And now’s the time to learn the skills you need in order to become more self-sufficient and confident!

If you have been worried about the Winter Weather and temperatures.....

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So here is what is happening: Unlike other events, this one will be from the comfort of your home. No need to fly to Georgia, and get a hotel. It will be completely interactive and at the end, you can ask questions and get LIVE interactive help.

Schedule this like a live event. We will follow an agenda, take short stretch breaks & have Q&A available at the end. (You will receive your private workshop link for class via email upon sign up)

Oh by the way… The price of this event is free, how cool is that? The last time we did anything remotely close to something like this, the room was packed out in 48 hours, and at full price.

This is what it does: Helps YOU to safely enjoy your Jeep this Winter and know how to be prepared to avoid Winter issues that the cold can cause.

Here is how it is going to help you: Learn a step-by-step building block approach that is already proven to work. Meaning that you do not have to waste your time trying to figure out the path. Taught with support, excitement, and commitment to YOUR Jeep Path every step of the way.

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Imagine having the knowledge, education, and confidence to feel prepared to enjoy the outdoors and adventure behind the wheel. Feel free! Feel Powerful and Feel Fierce.

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The Online Workshop is EASY and uncomplicated!

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