Know What To Do

When.... While Driving, Building or Maintaining Your Jeep

Confidently conquer trails, customize your Jeep and create a life of adventure without fear.

Join us and safely get started on your Jeep adventure!

The focus of a step by step Educational system that leads you through purchasing your Jeep, learning how to safely & effectively use your Jeep, how to keep your Jeep & yourself safe as you have adventures of a lifetime.

All the way through mechanical questions, problem solving, and stepping out into Intermediate trail levels with the skills too confidently and safely conquer your next goals. All with professional and quality instruction, help, coaching and instructors.

All the education, knowledge, coaching and support to drive into a life you never thought was possible.

Invest in your Education upfront so that you don’t have to worry about investing in fixing damage or mistakes.

Enroll In Confident Trail University

Whether you’re new to Jeep ownership or looking to brush up on your skills, The Confident Trail University has the perfect class for you. 

Our knowledgeable instructors will cover everything you need to know to safely enjoy your Jeep adventures, from basic maintenance and troubleshooting tips to off-roading techniques and safety protocols. 

We’ll make sure you’re confident and prepared for anything, so you can hit the trails with peace of mind. 

There are 2 ways you can enroll.  Choose from Full Enrollment Package, or the Individual Course Enrollment.



Full Enrollment Package

Enroll today and start exploring the great outdoors like never before!
From Getting Started 101 to Design Your Jeep Build and everything in between, our Practice Makes Perfect 201 and Tune Your Skills 202 courses will help you take your Jeep game to the next level.
The ultimate in Jeep education, be sure to check out our Playlist on Demand, filled with hundreds of hours of Jeep-focused education.
Get on the trail and apply everything you’ve learned in the courses. Get the support & coaching to drive into a life you never thought was possible.
The value of support, positivity, friendships and community is a crucial piece of the foundation for A safe place to feel excepted and comfortable to be YOU, ask questions and gain knowledge.
The value of support, positivity, friendships and community is a crucial piece of the foundation for A safe place to feel excepted and comfortable to be YOU, ask questions and gain knowledge.
Tackle the trail with confidence after completing our classes. And we make learning fun – so you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

TOTAL VALUE OF $7,190.50

Enroll Now For Only $120 Today!

Choose Your Payment Plan


Individual Course Enrollment

 Choose to enroll in the courses individually.

Getting Started 101 Class

Our Getting Started 101 class is designed specifically for beginners and will teach you everything you need to know to hit the trails with confidence.

From basic safety tips to how to do a recovery, our professors will have you ready for the trail with confidence.

Included In Full Enrollment

Practice Makes Perfect 201

Our practice makes perfect Level 201 Jeep Course will teach you how to safely navigate more challenging terrain. And our classes are designed to help you build your confidence and skills. You learn how to safely move up to the next level with your Jeep.

Included In Full Enrollment

Tune Your Skills 202

Our 202 intermediate course will teach you how to safely navigate more challenging trails, and our classes are packed with useful information that will help you take your Jeep driving skills to the next level. We offer classes that cover all sorts of terrain, so you can explore whatever interests you.

Plus, what modifications will give you the edge on the trail & keep you and your Jeep safe on the harder trails.

Included In Full Enrollment

Design Your Jeep Build

Our classes are specifically tailored to help you modify and improve your Jeep so that it can safely tackle the trail.

We understand that every Jeep is unique, and our program reflects that. We’ll work with you to choose the right products and build plan based on your individual goals and needs.

Our experienced and knowledgeable professors will provide you with all the tools and information you need to succeed. We’ll also be there to answer any questions you have along

Included In Full Enrollment

Mechanical Tech

Our mechanical and tech course will teach you everything you need to know about caring for, maintaining, upgrading and installing all things Jeep related.

You’ll get your own personal mechanic who will help guide you through every step of the process.

Included In Full Enrollment


Gain More Control, Know Where Your Tires Are & Protect Your Jeep….No Matter What Your Driving Experience!

Nobody Is Born Knowing How To DRIVE…In fact, it takes trial and error…..mixed with putting in the time and effort.

Exercises to do at home that build your precision, control and tire placement ability.

Included In Full Enrollment

Video Playlist

Imagine a Netflix for Jeeps….

This Playlist on Demand is your Jeep version of Netflix, packed full of useful and informative videos that will teach you everything you need to know about your vehicle. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or an experienced veteran looking to brush up on your skills, the playlist on demand has something for everyone.

Included In Full Enrollment

Enroll Now & Take Your Jeep Game To The Next Level

TOTAL VALUE OF $7,190.50

Enroll Now For Only $120 Today!

Choose Your Payment Plan

Hear from our Happy Students

Ladyjeepers has given me confidence in myself that I can take my Jeep off-roading.

My husband was convinced she would only be a pavement princess.

Kristina Naelitz

Bought my 1st Jeep in November. Confession, I didn’t even know how to shift it into 4wd before this education. I learned so much from Kristin and her awesome team.

Learned how to change my tire, disconnect the sway bar, shift into 4L and manually shift, learned winch and recovery, and went out on trail rides every day, doing things and going places I never thought I’d be able to with my Jeep!

But the biggest things were the supportive environment and the confidence I gained. Such a patient group of people. If you’re on the fence about it, just do it. I promise you’ll learn a ton and make some new friends.

Deborah Barth

Kristin and team provide an individualized learning experience with a team approach. They genuinely care that you understand your Jeep and have a great time learning. Highly recommend this group.

Vicki Snavely

I love that my Jeep takes me to those hard-to-find geocaches.

I never would have been able to find them without the knowledge and confidence I’ve gained from Lady Jeepers! Even though I still have a lot to learn, what I’ve learned so far has enabled me to take to trails and NOT sit in the backseat and cry when I see big rocks up ahead, lol.

After watching the videos and going through the classes, I can get behind the wheel with confidence!

Teresa Cox

This whole group, experience and being that it is all ladies is beyond amazing!! Extremely knowledgeable on all Jeep things!

Thank you guys for this, you are awesome!!

Janel Morales

If you have ever toyed with the idea of signing up for a Lady Jeepers course…do it!

I learned so much, and I’m no longer intimidated by going out with my local Jeep group.

Kristin was an amazing teacher! I feel more informed and know what I need to have to feel safe and confident!

Sandra Fairchild

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