Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend
-Time to Jeep Build

I want you to get the most out of our One Day Online Workshop Together!

I put together some short and specific classes, as well as homework for you to complete prior to our Workshop.

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Part One –
Get clear and know where you are starting.

Homework from this class:
* Get clear on where your Jeep is right now. What are your current spec’s and any upgrades thus far. Make a list.

Part Two –
Tires and Getting Clear on your Goal and Terrain

Homework from this class:
* Decide how much daily/on road driving and how much off-road or trail riding you planning to do. (This can change over time but have a starting goal in mind.)

* What terrain type will you be trail riding on majority of the time?

Stock Wheel Talk

Homework from this class:

* Are you planning to keep your stock wheels or buy new wheels?

A Breakdown of the Beadlock Wheel

Even if you never plan to upgrade or need a Beadlock Wheel, having the understanding is priceless.

Control The Beast

Understand the Rubicon Jeep! It is a different Beast!

These tips are something important to understand if you have a Rubicon or Not!!

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