“Why I Do What I Do”

Written by Kristin DeLibero of LadyJeepers.com


From the Desk of Kristin DeLibero,

Founder of LadyJeepers.com

I was asked at our last event, “Why do you do what you do?”

I gave a long winded answer to her. I won’t do that here thought. The video was my answer to “why”. Those Win moments…. not matter how big or how small are the reason for the distances traveled. The reason for the long hours and early mornings. To be blessed to be a part of experiencing someone in a win moment is beyond explanation.

The events have focused training and educational pieces. We build a foundation for success. Then we implement those skills on the trail together.

The friendships, support and community creates the space to grow and expand. There is no greater gift than to be immersed with ladies who want to be a part of your journey. As women, the right community is more important than ever.

LadyJeepers.com is about the wins, the success and the break throughs! It is taking the Wheel and Driving Your Life.

It’s All About The ”Wins”

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