Want to get the knowledge and education to break down EVERY PIECE & STEP of your Build and Build your Understanding of Your Jeep?

I want you to have FUN and Enjoy every step of your Jeep Build! Let me help you save $ and frustration! Know your Jeep, the parts and pieces with a greater understanding of how things work together and what that means in your Build. This is the first step in your Education & Knowledge!

All video content is online video training inside the course. The DVD’s are for mockup purposes only to show the amount of video content available inside the course.

(Check out all the added BONUS’S Below)

Save $$$, Time & Frustration!

Feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start with building your Jeep?

You are NOT alone!

Save time searching, researching and combing the internet to try and figure out what you know to do your Jeep build correctly!
All the information broken down, piece by piece and part by part is already put together for you!

YES…including worksheets and charts to make it quick, easy and super understandable with the Lady Jeepers breakdown. Broken into categories to cover ALL Aspects of your Build….

From daily driver to trail rig….we have you covered!

Not only are you saving time….


You are saving $$$ by understanding what parts you need to buy and WHY….so you only build your Jeep once! (That saves thousand upon thousands of dollars in the long run!)

Breakthrough and eliminate frustration!

Easy to understand and detailed piece by piece layout builds your understanding as you are designing.

You know why and when you need the upgrades that you need….. how they all work together….and what they do at the most detailed level.

That means no more confusion or frustration……and no more taking someone else’s word for what you need either!

Let’s break it all down…


Instant Access to the entire Design Your Jeep Build Program. – You get your Email with your Login Information for Instant Access! You can be learning right away!


​7 Section breakdown to cover all aspects of your build and knowledge + Bonus Section.. The “Beadlock Wheel” to make 8 Sections. (Broken down into small and detailed pieces with easy to follow instruction. These are crucial for your Understanding your Build Design but also for Knowledge of your Jeep and breakdown of your parts.)


Each Section has training video and downloadable training booklet.. Each of the Sections in the Design Your Jeep Build Course has a training video, .pdf download, Quiz and Lesson Tasks.


Exclusive Lady Jeepers.com Design Your Jeep Build Manual! 137 page breakdown of the entire Jeep Build. Know why and when you need to upgrade. Understand what parts and pieces work together and need to be upgraded together. Have CHARTS and WORKSHEETS to set you up for your DREAM BUILD! Know the WHY and feel confident when you are ready to execute your build. You Will NOT Find All Of This Information & Breakdown Together In One Place Any Where Else!!!!!!


​Access to a Safe and Empowering Knowledge & Education based environment to ask ANY QUESTION and get help every step of the way!

Get ALL of this for only $77.00!!😮

Not To Mention ALL These BONUS’S For You Today!
BONUS #1 – Live Training Class Replay Section! . Has 7 bonus replay videos from the Live Training Classes. That is 7 more in detail videos.
BONUS #2 – Additional Training Section.. Covers the Differential, Manual Locking Hubs, 4 Wheel Drive overview and a SPECIFIC JL Overview Class.
​BONUS #3 – Time To Build Module. – Features examples and walk around on different Jeep Builds of different generations and types.
​BONUS #4 – Lady Jeepers.com Inspirational Wristband. to wear with pride and excitement.
​BONUS #5 – Lady Jeepers Koozie. – Keep your drink cold and show off your Jeep Pride!
​​BONUS #6 – Half Price Shipping. – That’s right we cover half the shipping for the Design Your Jeep Build Training Package!

Get ALL of this RIGHT NOW….for only $77.00!!😮

(This is a $366+ Value)

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I can speak for myself when I say my level of confidence has never been like this before. I can not thank you enough for the knowledge and information you share with us, and the personal inspiration you share.

Dena –

If anyone is on the fence….. 100% join! I did it and the information was great and the friendships even better!

H. Johnson –

If you are ready to take your Education and your Jeep Experience to the next level now is the time! Build your knowledge and understanding of YOUR Jeep…… build your own Confidence and Independence as you learn more. It does not matter if you have a daily driver to Building a Trail Rig Only….. knowledge is KEY and understanding is the first step forward.