Ladies Jeep Success Path

Ladies Getting Started Jeep

Educational Package ​

START Feeling Confident in Yourself, Your Ability & Your Knowledge About Jeeps Once And For All!​

A Great Place to Start Your Jeep Education!

If you’re serious about learning all the knowledge that you can about your Jeep and taking your confidence to the next level, then get all of this today!

Only $17

Here's What You'll Get

OUR MOST POPULAR BOOKLETS TO GET YOU STARTED - Instant Access to all these E-booklets






Instantly watch and study and enjoy over and over again. These quick tip videos are easy education that cover many topics. Including the parts under your Jeep…what they are called, what they are and what they do. ​



Live Training Class Replay videos that contain some of our best secrets and ways to keep your Jeep Safe on Trails…

If you are ready to take your Education and your Jeep Experience to the next level now is the time!

Build your knowledge and understanding of YOUR Jeep…… build your own Confidence and Independence as you learn more.

It does not matter if you have a daily driver to Building a Trail Rig Only….. knowledge is KEY and understanding is the first step forward.

I Believe that Knowledge Builds Confidence!

With that Confidence you jump into the conversation with other Jeepers, fully engaged and adding to the conversation.

For years, I stood on the outside of the conversations. I didn’t engage and sometimes I even felt awkward standing around with a group….silent…not speaking a word. I did not have the confidence in what I knew, or what I didn’t know.

Through the years I did the work for us Ladies. I found out the answers to the questions that were most talked about, understood how the pieces and parts all work in the Jeep, the mistakes and misunderstandings that others don’t even know about building their Jeep…….

and so on and so on. I had others try and push me around out on the trail, challenge me, talk demeaning to me, and roll their eyes at the questions I asked and WANTED to KNOW the Answers To!

But I did it for US!

I did it to be able to bring forward a SAFE PLACE to have everything in one place to learn.

I did this so you didn’t have to go through the same struggle!

BUT through the Knowledge I gained….I gained something even greater. CONFIDENCE!!

Confidence in myself!

Confidence to jump into a conversation with others….NO MATTER Who is around!

Confidence to Feel FIERCE because now I know my voice is hear.

And that is my wish and dream for YOU!

I want to lift and build you up as you learn, gain education and increase your Confidence!

I want YOU, and every sister who becomes a Lady Jeeper to Feel that FIERCE fire from inside in the end!

Join me on the Trail to Education and FIERCENESS Today!

Right Now Only $17

It is pretty amazing ALL the stuff in this Package for YOU PLUS BONUS’S.


Some upgrades, modifications, changes, additions, repairs, and maintenance on your vehicle can void your warranty and vehicle insurance. does not advise anyone to make any modifications, changes, or do their own work on their vehicle. advises all work, modifications, maintenance, repairs, and anything pertaining to your Jeep be done by a professional mechanic. is not responsible nor liable for any changes, modifications, work, or repairs that you make to your Jeep. is not liable for any voided warranty on your Jeep, loss of insurance coverage on your Jeep, damage to your Jeep, complete loss of Jeep, and/or personal injury. advises you only to use a professional mechanic, and research your warranty and insurance yourself prior to any modifications or changes made to your Jeep.

Taking your vehicle off-road and trail riding has inherent risks. follows industry standards in education, etiquette, and driving while off-road. cannot guarantee there is no risk including damage to your Jeep, breakage of parts, mechanical failures, fire, or personal or bodily harm. You acknowledge and assume all risks. Before taking your Jeep off-road or attending an off-road weekend contact your insurance company for coverage and your personal vehicle policy coverages. assumes no liability for persons or vehicles.

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