Ladies Jeep Education And Training

Now You Can
Get The Information You Need To Know, Gain More Control & Take Your Off-Road Skills To The Next Level!

In This 201 Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend Online Workshop.

This is your chance to jump into a weekend of Ladies Jeep Training & Education without leaving your house! Three days of building your knowledge and skills with your Jeep! FREE!!


​Build your confidence in what you know.


​Recovery 201– Towing and being towed


​Knowing Your Jeep – Track Width, Length, Approach Angles and Departure Angles. What, Why and How this applies Off-Road.


​Understanding your Belly clearance as well as differential clearance. How to use this to your advantage while driving off-road. (Plus minimize damage risk to your Jeep)


​Watching Other Vehicles and How to Apply that to pick your best line for you and your Jeep on the Trail.


The upgrades and modifications to make to your Jeep. What, When & Why in your process and progression with your Jeep to help with damage and risk!


​Plus so so so much more!

At the end of this Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend Online Workshop you will have the knowledge and confidence to feel safe while enjoying your Jeep & moving to the next level!

Sign Up for the Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend Online Workshop for FREE!

When: Friday, July 10th at 3:30pm EST
Saturday, July 11th and Sunday, July 12th at 11:00amEST

Where: Online from phone, tablet or computer

P.S. : I am sure you are asking how does this all work?

The Online Workshop Weekend is EASY and uncomplicated!

You will get Emails between now and the start of the ‘Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend’ Workshop. All the details are included as well as reminders so you don’t forget to jump on with me. (Super easy with our busy lives)

You will get a link to click on that will take you directly to the ‘Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend Online Workshop’


It is THAT EASY! No logins, no passwords….just click the link and you are instantly in the Workshop.

What if you can’t make all of the Workshop?

Do not worry!! We will have this entire Online Weekend Workshop available to you after the Weekend Workshop as well.

Much Love,

Kristin DeLibero