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Ring Gear, Pinon Gear &
Re-Gearing…Oh My!

I get it….sometimes when learning about the technical aspects and mechanics of the Jeep it can be hard to follow, or overwhelming. Don’t worry! I break down the details as far as a can with easy to understand and follow teaching. The Gear is such a crucial aspect of your Jeep and your Jeep Build I want to share the details at the core. With knowledge comes confidence!

20 Minute,
Gears For Your Jeep Breakdown!

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What You Will Learn From This Webinar Training:

Fact #1: The Ring & Pinon Gear

Where and what is the Ring Gear and the Pinon? How do they work together?

Fact #2: What do the numbers of a gear really mean?

What really is a 3.21 gear versus a 4.10 gear? What is the real meaning of those numbers? We break that down together and what the gear number means.

Fact #3: What You Need to Know Next

I will tell you what the next step to building more education and knowledge is. Learning is never ending.

Kristin DeLibero

Your Trail Guide

About is a full LADIES Jeep Educational, Training and Knowledge based Program. Developed by ladies for ladies! Building Confidence, Independence and Strength through Knowledge. The more you learn and understand in a SAFE and EMPOWERING ENVIRONMENT where you can ask ANY QUESTION (no such thing as a dumb question here!!) the more confidence in yourself and your Jeep you gain.
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