Ring Gear, Pinon Gear & Carriers…
Oh My!

What The Heck Is All This Constant Talk & Focus on Gears?

All About Gears For Your Jeep Breakdown

Why Gears Are Brought Up 100x’s around Jeep People.

Gear Class #1

Super confusing in the Jeep world right?! Gears are one of the most talked-about aspects of Jeeps. In this Class, we jump into start with the Ring Gear, Pinon Gear and what the meanings of the gear ratio numbers really mean. What is 4.10 or 3.72 really mean?

Class #1

See the Ring Gear and Pinon Gear for yourself.
The real meaning of the gear ratio numbers.
Feel CONFIDENT to jump into conversations & engage with other Jeepers.

What the heck is the Carrier Break? Why is that brought up when re-gearing my Jeep?

Carrier Breaks and all that goes with understanding the Carrier Break.

There are a lot of factors that go into the carrier break when re-gearing your Jeep! The axle, the current gears and the generation of the Jeep itself. Dive in with me for an easy to understand break down so you know if you need a new carrier when you re-gear or Jeep. Build your confidence to have a conversation with the mechanic or shop!

Class #2

The Carrier Itself
Why Axles Play A Part In The Carrier Break
How The Age or Generation Of The Jeep Plays A Role

The Transfer Case…what does the Reduction do and mean?

Time to finish out the Gear Series Breakdown with a look at the Transfer Case in your Jeep. What does the Reduction in your Transfer Case mean and how does it work?

Class #3

Awesome Feature‚Äč
Even Cooler Feature
And So Much More…

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