Ladies Jeep Education And Training
The Confident Trail™ System

Discover How LadyJeepers.Com Gives You The Exact Steps To Save Time, $$$ And Frustration On Your Jeep Build….Within One Day…

In This FREE, Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend – Time To Build – One Day Workshop.

All in a SAFE & EMPOWERING Environment.

This is your chance to jump into a weekend of Ladies Jeep Training & Education without leaving your house! Learn How To Take The Headache Out Of Building Your Jeep- FREE!!


​Build your confidence in what you know. Whether you plan to stay stock or build to the moon…this workshop gives you the knowledge to have a plan and understand your Jeep at a deeper level.


​The upgrades and modifications to make to your Jeep. What, When & Why in your process and progression with your Jeep to help with damage and risk!


What parts are where, when to upgrade what, and what needs to be done when.


​Discover the Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions about lift, tire, wheels, gears and your Jeep build. (If you don’t know what all that has to do with your Jeep….then you need to jump in for sure 😍)


​Enjoy the Entire Experience! When you register you will get an Email invite into the Private Workshop Only Group. This group will close a week after the One Day Workshop….so take advantage NOW. I will be sharing information leading up to the One Day Workshop with you.


​One Day Workshop Replay – will be available to you for 7 Days after the Workshop to re-watch or catch anything you missed.


​​Plus so so so much more!

At the end of this Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend Online Workshop you will have the knowledge and confidence to feel excited and motivated for your Jeep Build…..PLUS have your Jeep Build Mapped Out for You!

PLUS….Two Lucky Ladies Will Win A Giveaway…Just By Showing Up!
I want you to have a jump start! At the end of the Workshop Two Winners will be drawn. One for an Upgraded Differential Cover and A Surprise……

Sign Up for the Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend Online Workshop for FREE!

This Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend – Time To Jeep Build – has all the answers in the One Day Workshop!

P.S. I have had a number of Ladies ask me……”Why are you doing so much in this Ladies Jeeping In A Weekend, One Day Workshop?

My Answer, “I want to give you the next step on your trail to education and knowledge with your Jeep.”

I want you to love your Jeep, Your Jeep Build and your Confidence in the Information & Knowledge you have!

The Confident Trail System™ is a step by step educational program for Ladies and their Jeeps.

I want to bring forward the most important information that you need to know,

in a positive,

safe learning environment.

I hope to see you inside this workshop.
Much Love,

Kristin DeLibero