Be Our Valentine 3 DAY CHALLENGE

Day #3 – The most important Trail Riding and Off-road Driving Tips.

There is SO MUCH to learn….but these are the most important first steps to know and practice if you are going to be heading out on the trail.
Be Our Valentine 3 Day Challenge – Day Three Training
Day Three Training Lesson;
It is with great enthusiasm and excitement I welcome you to the Challenge Day 3 today!! (Insert lots of arm gesturing while I am talking here…LOL)

Time to hit the trail together! These are two of the most important tips to know for while you are driving on a trail.

Foot position for throttle control
One of the worst things is driving and going down rocky or uneven terrain and having your foot accidentally pushing and accelerating as the Jeep is bouncing. No fun.

Another thing that is no fun is if you are negotiated or mounting a rock or obstacle and the Jeep wants to bounce or lurch slightly and causes your foot to bounce on the gas pedal.

Throttle control is something that is important for not only your comfort but your ability to have consistent throttle speed and control on obstacles. That way you are always in control and no accidental gas pedal at the in opportune time. This tip also helps with a “touchy” gas pedal to have smoother acceleration and control of the gas.

This is not just for us shorties (though it is crucial for us) this is a tip for everyone when you are on a trail!
Take your right foot and the outside of your entire right foot, pinkie toe back to heel and push against the right side, transmission tunnel, down on your floorboard to the right of your gas pedal. So for lack of better explanation it is pushing against a wall there. Depending on your height and size of your foot you will then slightly adjust your toes to left keeping pressure against the right side as your wall and use your toes and front of foot on your gas. You can also just roll your foot to the left keep pushing against your wall and use the left side only of your foot on the gas. This gives you security and control so your foot is stable and therefore your use on the gas pedal is stable and so is your throttle and acceleration.

Trust me….this is one of the secrets you need to know and practice doing off-road. This is also one of those secrets no one wants to share and keep for themselves….it is that good. 😉
Practice this and you might find, like me, you drive like this all the time. 😀

Big tip two is know your differential and ground clearance.
I know if you are a member you hear me talk about this a lot but it is that important I am sharing it again for the Challenge.

Knowing your Jeep is a crucial part to learn when you are driving off-road. The biggest mistakes I see people make when they are just starting and learning is getting their differential hung on rocks or obstacles. Even with a lift and bigger tires your lowest contact point is going to be your differential on the front end (since that is the approach to obstacles or rocks most of the time).

That means you need to know what side of your Jeep your differential is on. Also how much room is there from your differential cover to your inside of tire and outside of tire? Start to gauge that and be aware. That way you know where your differential is while you are driving in comparison to the rocks or obstacles. As well as knowing where to mount your tire on a rock or obstacle to try and keep your differential cover from making contact.

Judge the ground clearance you have on your differential as well. How much room between the ground and your differential cover do you have? This is the size of rock or obstacle you can drive over before you scrape or make contact with the differential cover.
Now you know and look ahead on the trail to maneuver to avoid putting your differential cover on those obstacles.

Avoidance is not always an option, it will happen since it is the lowest contact point so remember go slow and ease and not to gas it if you feel your differential cover make contact with an obstacle or rock. They make after market differential covers for added protection. If you are going to be doing a lot of driving on trails and off-road this an upgrade for strength and durability I recommend. Even with bigger tires that is still your lowest point of impact.


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