“This is essential for anyone who wants to get out there and enjoy their Jeep to the fullest! But keep their Jeep safe, get specific questions answered, guidance and personal help!”

LadyJeepers.com Private Jeep Consultant Services

Your Very Own, Personalized One on One Private Jeep Consultant

Help in any direction for YOU & Your Jeep! Ask Questions, Gain Clarity & Create A Plan!

All for just $230

Your Very Own Private One on One Call! Ask ANY Question about Anything Jeep related. Create a detailed plan, and more…

Have you ever thought….or even wished….that someone could tell you exactly what you needed to, build or the answers to your question? That way you don’t have to worry about anything….

Well, here’s some great news…

Now there is!


We help Lady Jeepers (women who own Jeeps) to safely enjoy their Jeeps on the trail and customize/design their Jeeps so that they confidently create a life of adventure without fear.

We do this using our Confident Trail System™, courses, events, private Jeep consult/concierge service & private one-on-one Weekends.


You learn about your Jeep, what you need to do to safely create adventures in life, build confidence by doing things you never thought possible…..but above all else….it is a place that powerful tribes of women who help women are created!

It doesn’t matter age, it is but a number, where you are from, where you are in your story (life).

Here’s How It Works…

Designed specifically for YOU! You decide what you want help with and how personalized of help you want! Do Not sit back confused any longer. Get out there and enjoy every aspect of your Jeep!



A Coach & Instructor who wants to see you succeed! You are not ever alone! You get the confidence to know you are getting a professional coach with years of experience just for YOU. All the Jeep education and knowledge shared with you.

Instant Access

In 3 Easy Steps YOU Will Have Your Personal Jeep Consultant Available To YOU


Register Below to book your Private, One one One Jeep Conult Call. It will be conducted on Zoom. This way you can see and interact with each other. PLUS….you get a recording of your entire call!


Open your confirmation email and you have access to schedule and book your Consult Call right away. With a quick & easy calendar system we don’t have extra wait time of going back and forth.


Open your Confirmation Email. Save it, and you will get reminders prior to your Consult Call so that you don’t forget.


Need any help? We are available at any time for help by sending an Email to: custserv@ladyjeepers.com

What Others Are Saying..

“I just got off of a consultation call with Kristin DeLibero!

To say that this call was helpful to me is a huge understatement. I purchased my Jeep used (2016 Rubicon Hard Rock edition).

She answered my questions helped me decide what direction that I needed to go to next with my Jeep since it already had so much on it when I purchased it.

Kristin gave me the piece of mind that I needed to confidently know that I am headed in the right direction to give “Coastal Cruiser” all of the protection that is needed as I continue on with Jeep Life.”

– Regina

Talk To You Soon….

I am ready and excited to be your Personal Jeep Consultant.


One of our amazing professionals in the industry for specialized mechanical or generational help. You will get the best expert matched with you!

We will match you after you register and you get to decide who is the best Consultant for you.

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