The LadyJeepers Build Concierge Service

Ever wished you could just have someone else design your perfect build on your Jeep for YOU?


We help Lady Jeepers (women who own Jeeps) to safely enjoy their Jeeps on the trail and customize/design their Jeeps so that they confidently create a life of adventure without fear.

We do this using our Confident Trail System™, courses, events, private Jeep consult/concierge service & private one-on-one Weekends.


You learn about your Jeep, what you need to do to safely create adventures in life, build confidence by doing things you never thought possible…..but above all else….it is a place that powerful tribes of women who help women are created!

It doesn’t matter age, it is but a number, where you are from, where you are in your story (life).


The LadyJeepers Build

The LadyJeepers Build Concierge service is a multiple-part service for YOU to take you from start to finish and handle the most difficult aspects along the way for YOU.


This take out the headache, frustration, questions, and second thoughts on your decisions and give you the peace of mind that your build will be done correctly.


Ever wished you could just have someone else design your perfect build on your Jeep for YOU? Maybe you have even said out loud, “Can’t someone just tell me what I need/should do so I don’t have to even think about it?”


At we are dedicated to helping YOU!

How does the LadyJeepers Build Concierge Service Work?

It’s as easy as one, two, three, and four


Service One - Get Clear


Service Two - Decide on the detailed plan


Service Three - Drop off and Build


Service Four - Pick up and Learn

As soon as you become a part of the LadyJeepers Build Concierge Service you will get your welcome email with your login information and schedule breakdown of this four-part service.

You will get your own google drive folder that will house all the documents, sheets, breakdowns, and more that are just for YOU.

You will schedule your first zoom call to personally talk through one on one and get clear on your desires, goals, focus, time frame and budget for your Jeep Build.

There are no time frame restraints on this service. You can start now, get clear with service one. Have your plan mapped out in Service Two and follow the plan.

That means you get the perfect plan for YOU with a timeframe and budget that fits your needs.

Here’s the full
breakdown of each service


On your first one-on-one zoom call, you will answer the questions, talk through options and get clear on the direction of your Jeep build for YOU.

The form will be filled in and uploaded directly to your personal google drive so you have access to all steps and breakdowns of this process.

Once your clear foundation is made you will schedule your second call to move into the Service Two area to Make the detailed plan.


Your one-on-one zoom call will go through an option list. You will get three different build options mapped out for you. These are a build sheet with products, prices and descriptions.

You will work through all three different build options and create your build sheet together.

You will have access to all three of the different build options inside your google drive to refer back to, look at and think through prior to the zoom call.

Once you conclude your second one on one zoom call your personal build sheet will be uploaded directly into your google drive. You will have a week to revisit, re-think and make sure this is the ideal plan for you!

The third one on one zoom call is to finalize your personal build plan. Make sure no questions, thoughts or changes have come up over the week in between calls.

Once the plan has been signed off on, the scheduling and time frame begins. The ideal plan for you is designed. It can be everything at once or save and slow. This is about YOU and no deadlines or time frames are predetermined as this is YOUR build.

The final plan and time frame breakdown is uploaded directly into your google drive.

The plan is customized for you, so the time between Service Two and Service Three will be determined by you on your last call of Service Two.


Option 1: You deliver your Jeep to via personally drive your Jeep and drop it off or have it shipped directly to

Option 2: We will help find a closer shop to do the Service Three-part for you. will have contact prior and during with the shop to oversee the process and specifics.

This Service Three aspect allows for any concerns, questions, or works to be taken off of your plate. You will have direct contact with through this entire phase three together. You will be included and advised of anything that comes up……but you are not in this alone!


You have two options at this service point from

Option 1: You come directly to to pick up your Jeep. You will get a full walk-around, detailed breakdown, and any questions answered about your final build, parts, etc.

You will get to spend half a day with Kristin & Chad from as a private experience. We will go through any driving changes that have occurred as part of this build, and we will personally take you out to feel for yourself and learn about your Jeep. It is like a half-day private mini-event….just for you.

Option 2: You will pick your Jeep up from the designated shop and have a walk-through and detailed explanation of what was done and/or changed on your Jeep.

You will get a Live Zoom with Kristin and Chad while you are behind the wheel of your Jeep. This ensures you will get a rundown of the new features and any important driving information to know.

You will also get a LadyJeepers Built badge to put on your Jeep.

What You’ll Get?
A turn-key, full service done for you Jeep Build Concierge Service.


3 Private One on One Zoom Calls


Your detailed product list with pricing and 3 build plan options. (No searching or having to figure this out on your own)


A detailed build plan for YOU and done for you


Finalized products, pricing, and time frame done for you


A google drive just for you to house ALL the forms, sheets, and information in one place.


Step by step interaction through the entire build process with your Jeep - both with you from LadyJeepers and the shop with LadyJeepers.


An opportunity to understand your Jeep and get one on one personal instruction once your Jeep build is completed.


Personal one-on-one contact for YOU the entire start to finish of your Jeep build.

If you have any questions at all or want to chat in-depth about this incredible opportunity….please send an Email to and I look forward to speaking with you.

Wow…..this is a lot and like nothing else out there available! This is a truly unique opportunity for our Lady Jeepers.

What is the value of all of this? Honestly, I think it is priceless. I put an introductory pricing option available. This is for the first 10 ladies who want to fill our 10 open spots.

Yes, we are limiting the number of spots available at a time to ensure quality one on one services. This is an incredible service right now for only 3 payments of $1166.67 or one payment of $3500.

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