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“How To Have The Best Time Trail Riding, WithOUT Damaging Your Jeep”

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Many Jeep owners have had bad experiences when taking their Jeep

off-road. They’ve either damaged their Jeep or had a bad time because they weren’t prepared.

When you’re out on the trails, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong with your Jeep and ruin your day (or worse). 


These 3 Tips are the starting point for understanding how to help keep you and your Jeep safe as you get out there and enjoy the trails. It can feel overwhelming and intimidating when you are starting to take your Jeep out on the trails. The fear, anxiety and uncertainty can make for a stressful trail ride. Jump on together and let’s breakdown what you need to know to crush that fear and anxiety. 🤩 Be confident and enjoy every moment!

What You Will Learn From This Class:

Secret #1: The #1 Mistake People Make When Going Out On The Trail.

A complete Question List for you to ask when you arrive at a Trail Ride before ever heading down the trail. There is nothing worse than getting half way down the trail and wishing you did not go on that trail ride in your Jeep. I give you a tool to make sure that doesn’t happen to YOU!

Secret #2: The Biggest Way To Protect Your Jeep When You Are Out On The Trail!

Lift, Wheels & Tires…..these tend to be the first things on most build lists. However, I share with you upgrades that you make to your Jeep that are specifically designed to help keep your Jeep safer on the trail.

Secret #3: Not All Jeeps Are Created Equal! The Are ALL Different!
Not all Jeeps are the same! Really!
Get to know your Jeep with my favorite driving exercise. It helps you hone your skills and build your awareness of precision. In turn, that lessens the risk of damage to your Jeep.
Don’t let worry and fear hold you back any longer…..
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