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BONUS #1 – Top 10 Quick Tip Videos

Others will never laugh again when you use the correct terms.

Wheel vs. Rim vs. Tire

Super confusing in the Jeep world right?! You here Wheel and Tire and then other aspects of the automotive industry use the Rim. I will break through the confusion with you in this super short Correct Terms video.

Video #1


Learn the correct Terms


Never worry about what or how you are saying them again!

Feel CONFIDENT to jump into conversations & engage with other Jeepers.

What others don’t tell you BUT you need to know about Lifts!

Misconceptions About Lifts On Your Jeep

There are so many different thoughts, ideas and ways to go about getting lift height on your Jeep. The biggest misconceptions that people don’t tell you is WHY you are getting a lift and what the REAL purpose behind a lift is….not to mention that there are MULTIPLE ways to achieve the same desired outcome. Break through these Misconceptions that Others ARE NOT TELLING you!

Video #2


Why do you get a Lift? (The REAL reason!)


What options do you have?

And So Much More…

STOP Feeling Like Others Are Talking Down To You, and
START To Discover What You Need To Understand Related To Jeeps!

Tie Rod – The Jeep Front End

Dive under the front of the Jeep with me in this Quick Tip Video and locate the Tie Rod location and what it looks like. This Quick Tip Video is focused on understanding and breaking down the Front End on your Jeep.

Video #3


What is the Tie Rod?


Where is the Tie Rod?

Front End Focus on your Jeep

START Learning All Aspects Of Your Jeep

The Sway Bar – The Jeep Front End

There is a difference in the Sway Bar in the Rubicon and other Models of the Jeep. I show you the difference in the Sway Bar in the Rubicon as we jump under the Jeep together in this Quick Tip Video. Learn more about the front end of your Jeep.

Video #4


Where is the Sway Bar?


Dive Under Your Jeeps Front End In this Video

Knowledge Builds Confidence

Time for a Smooth Ride

Suspension – The Jeep Front End

The location and type of stock suspension in your Jeep is changed when you get a lift. Look under the Jeep with me in this Quick Tip Suspension Video. That way when you are talking about a lift with a shop or others you can visualize and know where and what suspension you are talking about. Remember that Knowledge Builds Confidence!!

Video #5


Stock Suspension on your Jeep


The suspension is what is modified when you add a Lift to your Jeep

Jump under the Jeep with me in this video

Ring Gear, Pinon Gear & Carrier…
Oh My!

The Gears and Carrier in your Jeep

I will admit the Gears and the Gear Set Up in my Jeep was one of the most confusing aspects for me to learn! Seeing helped me the most….that is why I want you to jump in with me and see for yourself what all the Gear Talk is about.

Video #6


Ring Gear, Pinon Gear and Carrier


See for yourself what all the Gear Talk is about

Quick Breakdown of the main gear components

Comparison That You Can SEE For Yourself!

SEE the difference between the Dana 30 and Dana 44 Front End with your own eyes!

The Dana 30 vs. Dana 44 Front End is a huge Debate! SEE for yourself the difference in the Axle and Differential in 2 Jeeps side by side. You will then be able to walk around and look under the front end of Jeeps and know for yourself which Front End they have… wouldn’t that be fun to start to test yourself.

Video #7


Dana 30 vs. Dana 44 Front End


Side By Side Comparison

SEE for yourself under 2 different Jeeps

STOP! Know What The Shop Is Talking About Before Making A Financial Decision!

The Long Arm (Discussed A LOT in Lifts and Your Jeep Build)

When you go to a shop, or are having a conversation with others about Lift and Building your Jeep….the Long Arm vs. the Short Arm is going to come up a lot! Jump under the Jeep with me and SEE where a Long Arm goes and also what the difference between that Long Arm and a Short Arm really is. This gives you the knowledge to know what a shop is discussing with you before you make any financial decisions!

Video #8


Location of the Long Arm


SEE the difference between the Long Arm and Short Arm for YOURSELF

Jump Under the Jeep with Me

START Engaging & Feeling Confident In Jeep Conversations With Others!

The Upper and Lower Control Arms

In this Video, we jump under a Wrangler together to SEE the Upper and Lower Control Arms in the Jeep. SEE the parts themselves as well as their locations. You will hear A LOT of discussion on the Control Arms related to Death Wobble, Wheel Vibration, Steering and your Lift on your Jeep Build.

Video #9


What are the Upper and Lower Control Arms


Location under the Jeep


SEE This Terminology Quick Tip For YOURSELF.

A Look Inside A Stamped Tub

This is a terminology Quick Tip Video that shows you what the Stamped Tub vs. the newer model Jeeps really Looks Like Inside!! YES…we look inside a JKU that is taken apart as well as an older model CJ to showcase the difference in Body Types and Production. One of those COOL Facts to Know.

Video #10


What is a Stamped Tub Jeep​


What does the Stamped Tub actually look like

Direct Comparison you can SEE for yourself

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